Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medigap Plans are all standardized and carried in most of the United States. They are also known as Medigap plans and they cover the medical expenses not covered by Original Medicare. Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B will cover 80% of your medical expenses. The 20% remaining costs are your responsibility and this is where a Medicare supplement plan comes into use. A very popular Medicare supplement plan is Plan N. Its benefits are the same everywhere.

Medicare supplement Plan N will cover your Medicare Part A deductible, Medicare Part A hospital costs beyond the 365 days Medicare pays for and Medicare Part A hospice costs coinsurance and copayment. Also covered is Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment, first three pints of blood needed in a medical procedure, nursing care in a nursing home after a medical issue and foreign health care up to 80%.

Those who join Medicare supplement Plan N will have to take care of any copayments such as $20 for doctors’ visits and $50 if one needs to go to an emergency room, but not be admitted to the hospital. Another thing to remember is Medicare supplement Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible. After you have paid this deductible, Medicare will start paying its share of the medical expenses. To get quotes visit

Medicare supplement plan premiums are determined by individual insurance agencies. Your age at the time you are issued a Medicare supplement plan will determine the cost of the monthly premium. Also the area in which you reside will be a defining factor. Getting a Medicare supplement plan when one joins Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B is the best time to acquire a Medicare supplement plan. If one waits for several years, the cost of the premiums can increase greatly.

Medicare supplement Plan N premiums may be different from one insurance agency to another because they may have different methods to determine how much they will charge for them. Is very important for a person to study all the Medicare supplement plans and determine which insurance agency one wishes to go with. The cost of your monthly premiums will be something one will be concerned with to see if they will fit in one’s budget now and in the future. There are many ways one can find out about Medicare supplement plans by going on the internet and going to the Medicare website to read up on the many Medicare supplement plans.